Saramonic Replacement Foam Windscreen 3-Pack For Lavaliers
Saramonic Replacement Foam Windscreen 3-Pack For Lavaliers

The Saramonic SR-U9-WS3 is a 3-pack of Replacement Foam Windscreens. Always be prepared and never without back-up lavalier windscreens with this inexpensive 3-pack of replacement foam windscreens. Perfectly paired with the Saramonic WM4C-MC1 replacement lavalier clip and the SR-U9-MC1 2-pack of replacement lavalier clips, for a fool-proof lavalier back-up kit.

Designed for most Saramonic Lavaliers
Designed for the Saramonic SR-M1, SR-UM10-M1, SR-UM9-M1 and WM4C-M1 lavaliers that are included with Blink 500, Blink 500 Pro, UwMic9, SR-WM2100, VmicLink5, SR-WM4C, UwMic10 and UwMic15 wireless systems. They are also designed for most other Saramonic lavaliers like the LavMicro Series, SR-ULM10 Series, LavMic Series, and fit most

For Lavaliers Between 5-7mm in Diameter
The SR-U9-WS3 3-pack also works with most standard lavalier microphones between 5-7mm in diameter.  Internal dimensions: 7mm x 12mm, External dimensions 16mm x 35mm.

  • Designed for the SR-UM10-M1 & SR-UM9-M1 Lavaliers (included with UwMic9, VmicLink5, UwMic10 and UwMic15)
  • Works with the Saramonic WM4C-M1 (included with SR-WM4C), LavMic, LavMicro, LavMicro DI & LavMicro UC
  • Reduces Wind Noise & Vocal Plosives
  • Protects Mic from Moisture and Dirt 
  • For Microphones 5-7 mm Diameter